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Is it time for you to redefine what being a mother means for YOU so you can live a more fulfilled life?


Hi, I’m Melissa and my life used to look and feel a lot like yours does, I’d always wanted to get married, have the two and a half kids, the white picket fence – that whole TV family fantasy. 


Once I achieved all this, I’ll never forget waking up two years after my second child was born thinking:


Who am I?


Where did I go?


I’d checked all the boxes but somehow lost myself in the process. Instead of being happy, I felt trapped under my own and society’s expectations of what a mother should look like, be like, do.


At that point, I asked myself:


if I wasn’t fulfilled, how could my children be?


Over the next few years, I sought counselling and coaching.  I’d always been into personal transformation, but this was deeper work.


I learned how to set boundaries and take time for myself. I learned to take responsibility for the choices I was making. I learned to ask for help and I let go of the anxiety I’d struggled with for most of my life.


Most importantly, I reconnected with and freed myself.


Today, my relationship with my husband and my children – now ages 10, 7 and 2– has improved significantly.


I’m not perfect but I show up more authentically, I’m true to myself, and I feel good about the way I’m modeling that for my kids.

If you are a woman who wants to:

  • Enjoy life and your family on a deeper level

  • Work and parent guilt-free

  • Get off the hamster wheel of the “to do list” and start enjoying your family more

  • Learn how to prioritize yourself without the guilt

  • Work on progress, not perfection as you balance work and life


Keep reading - you’re in the right place!

Meditation by the Sea


"I reached out to Melissa to coach me because I was not carrying out goals very important to me.  Melissa helped me identify blockages keeping me from going forward.  Once in particular  was from guilt I had been carrying for years. My kids father and I were going through a tumultuous separation and I had said things in front of them to him and for years, I carried a burden of how it may have impacted my kids.  I didn't even realize how that burden was affecting me and just figured it was my cross to bear.  Melissa's empathetic understanding , knowing where a mom is coming from, guided me through thoughtful questions and sharing that revealed to me I was just trying to protect my kids.  I was amazed by the release I felt from this awareness.  The following week, I took those steps I had been stuck on  in creating my own business.  Melissa's expertise as a coach will guide you to solutions that will work for you.  She did wonders for me and I highly recommend her!"

- Wanda, mom of 2

Image by Aditya Saxena
In my CARE Program

How:  1:1 meetings

How Often: Weekly  60 minute sessions

How Long: 12 weeks.

During this time we will work on:


  • Conscious Connection - Real connection can only happen when you're present.  I will help you uncover life strategies that you can implement that keep you present.  As you master these strategies you’ll begin to notice that:

    • Find pockets of time to create a relaxing state of mind.

    • Discover what strategies would be the best fit for you.

    • Gain more clarity and focus to be able to more effectively prioritize what matters most to you.

  • Awareness - Discover how to prioritize life’s needs.  It’s not a time constraint that’s been missing in your life.  It’s about understanding what matters to you. I will guide you through relevant behavior assessments that will help you identify your values and beliefs so that you can create an environment that you can thrive in.

    • Determine what you want out of life versus what everyone else is doing or telling you to do.

    • Gain more clarity to see what actions you could take to create the life you desire.

    • Identify what may standing in your way to have the relationships you desire with those who are closest to                     you.

  • Re-Energize - Your life is a reflection of your habits and these determine  if you’re achieving your goals in life.  I will help you create habits that support you and ditch the ones that aren’t serving you.  Boundaries help us strengthen and manage our relationships with other people and within ourselves.  I will work with you to determine which boundaries to put in place so that you can effectively manage relationships that matter most to you.

    • Make more time for yourself without feeling guilty.

    • Create a custom structure that works for you and your family.

    • Become more intentional about the decisions that matter most.

  • Empowered From Within - You will have a greater sense of self when you are no longer affected by life’s circumstances. I will guide you through taking full responsibility for the choices you are making so that you can reclaim your power in life.  Once you do this, everything in life just feels more in flow.

    • Build more confidence in yourself.

    • Greater sense of self when you are no longer affected by life circumstances.

    • More personal power.

At the end of our time together, you will feel in control and will know how to set and enforce great boundaries with yourself, your partner, your kids, at work and others around you. 


When we finish our work together you will have the tools needed to help you be the healthiest version of yourself so that you can give your best to everyone in your life. 

Why Work With Me?

Imagine waking up one day in 3 months and feeling like you hardly recognize your life because you feel so amazing everyday. You now wake up rested and at peace, your relationship with your partner and your kids is thriving and you finally have time for yourself. 


You knew that working with me as your coach would have an impact but you never imagined that you would have so much time to spend with your family, have enough time for yourself and how present you would be able to feel during that time.


This can all be true for YOU.

You’re so tired of feeling like you’re just going through the motions.  From the outside looking in, you have all you ever wanted in life: the family, the career, the financial security...and yet you feel like something is missing. You are exhausted and overwhelmed and doing it all. 


Including you, you’ve forgotten to even care for yourself.


But you know it’s time to make a change. It’s time to step into what you want, need and have been desiring…it’s time to take control and change things so you can access your inner power and really become your true best self.


Act Before the end Of August to Receive

When you enroll before the end of August you’ll also receive:


  • 3 part video series on boundaries recorded by me to help you set strong boundaries

  • An audio on reframing any negative situation so that you can keep moving forward and not get stuck.

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